Istanbul Robot Museum

Istanbul Robot Museum

Turkey's first robot museum opened in Istanbul. Opened on December 15, 2022, the museum opened its doors to visitors as a museum where AkınSoft software company exhibited robot development processes.

The company, which started R&D studies for the first robot working with artificial intelligence as AkınRobotics in 2009, exhibits all the work done during the robot production process in the museum.

The museum, which is established on an area of 377 square meters, consists of two floors. There are also activity workshops at the Istanbul Robot Museum, especially for children to have a fun and productive time. Areas where robots can be communicated are also located in the museum.

The inventory of the museum is as follows:
105 robots,
214 motors and engine parts used in the production of robots,
805 electronic circuits,
416 mechanical products,
241 sketches.

Visitors will also be able to closely examine 7829 robotic products and observe their historical development.

In terms of robot types, there are robot trials, humanoid robots working with artificial intelligence, social robots, service robots, agricultural robots, field robots, cleaning robots, industrial robots, and industrial solutions and many other robotic works are exhibited in the museum.