When will talking robot dogs enter our lives?

When will talking robot dogs enter our lives?

Technically speaking, there is no difference between a robot dog and a humanoid robot. We can sometimes get confused when it comes to robots. Namely: when we make a robot that looks like a dog, we don't say "doggy robot", we say "robot dog". When we make a human-like robot, we don't say "robot human", we say humanoid robot.

Another crazy thing is this: when we make a very smart humanoid robot and then make a robot dog as smart as possible, will the humanoid robot (robot human) take the robot dog out for a walk? We, real humans, can take our robot dog for a walk from afar, with our own humanoid robot.

One of the things that improves technology and increases production is, in fact, the desire to multiply the times we enjoy. Technology seems to be advancing for people to devote most of their time to themselves. From another aspect, we can say that it is advancing according to industrial-national trends. In other words, all technologies, including the robot technology we are talking about, are progressing and developing according to these two trends-effects.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to robot dogs is the robot dog soldiers, which came to the fore in the USA and later. Why did the concept of such a robot soldier dog come about? The economic cost of an army to the country is quite high. In fact, the social, psychological and environmental costs are high. Robot dog soldiers are very low cost compared to the "human soldier" factor, as they can have many features and abilities. Robot dog soldiers can become a very effective strategic element from the point of view of electronics, software and mechanical technologies.

Robot dogs that start to exist with us in our daily lives can of course act like real dogs. These robots, which will be more advanced than the less-functional toy robot dogs, can also accommodate the functions of carrying, watching around, reporting e-mails, turning into a coffee table.

It is now possible for humanoid robots to talk like humans. While this is the case, when we add the ability to speak to robot dogs, these robots will also be like humanoid robots. In fact, when we add additional mechanical features to the robot, sometimes the robot can turn into a dog, sometimes into a humanoid robot.