Customer Impact on Smartphones

Customer Impact on Smartphones

Competition in the smartphone market is heating up. So, how do manufacturers determine their design and production approaches in this competitive environment?
Undoubtedly, every phone class has a fixed percentage of buyers and customers.

In a competitive environment, the design and production of different phone models determines the latest versions of this unchanging customer percentage. Because customer experiences and feedbacks that already use previous phone models add different details and features to phone brands and models.

At this point, one important thing should be noted. Every phone brand-model has customers-users in every age group. The phone usage experience of young people and children in a customer base is the most important factor in the development of phone brands and models. As the younger customer base gets used to the use earlier than the older customers, the youth develops smart phones and similar products quickly with a creative perspective, and new models become more useful.

There are several factors that increase the satisfaction of people of all age groups in the use of smartphones. The first striking physical feature of the iPhone 14 Plus is the use of aviation aluminum material, which is used as a building material in airplanes. As it is known, there are different types of aluminum in different classes. There are different grades of aluminum starting from 1000's to 7000's codes. It has the closest durability to 7000 coded aluminum steel material. 2000 coded aluminum is used as a building material in aircraft. By using these materials in the iPhone 14 Plus, it has gained a significant advantage in the competitive environment. Especially in the energetic lives of young people, the durability of their phones is an important feature.

The second important thing that users review is the display features. OLED technology, which is used in many phone brands today, is also present in the IPhone 14 Plus. With Super Retina and Super Retina XDR built on OLED technology, its high contrast (2,000,000:1 contrast) and high color accuracy screen (6.7 inch) that can display the light-dark ranges with precision is remarkable.
One of the most important elements in smartphones is the battery. Up to 26 hours of video can be watched with the IPhone 14 Plus, which has a longer battery life than previous models.

It is possible to reach high speed and efficiency in applications with the IPhone14- Plus, which has a 6-core CPU, 5-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine.
Its features for emergencies are life-saving. If cellular service or Wi-Fi is not available, iPhone allows you to send text messages via satellite to emergency services. In the event of a serious car accident, iPhone 14 Plus can detect it, then call emergency numbers and notify emergency contacts.

The iPhone 14 Plus model has many more features. The most striking feature of other model phones such as the iPhone 14 Plus, which draws attention with its software and screen features, is its ability to make satellite connection in case of emergency and its accident detection feature. With the development of artificial intelligence applications on smartphones, there is no doubt that vitally important features will be added in future models.

Earlier in our article, we talked about the importance of customer experiences in the model development stages. The most important feedback from customer experiences seems to have been about physical strength and ergonomics. The accident detection feature, on the other hand, indicates that many similar features, mainly artificial intelligence, will come in the next models.