Leading Technology Company in Industrial IoT Solutions

ICONIC DEVICES stands out as a technology company specializing in the design and production of electronic devices for industrial IoT solutions. The solutions offered by the company aim to provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective products for industrial applications.

The firm designs, prototypes, tests and manufactures industrial IoT solutions, implementing a wide range of form factors. NORVI Controllers in particular offer a reliable hardware option for developers looking to interface with modern connectivity features. These controllers are among the most reliable devices connecting industrial equipment to the Internet and are preferred by many OEMs.

Among the company's competitive advantages, extensive experience and rapid product-to-market capability for industrial IoT applications stand out. Also noteworthy is the fact that the company has all the production capabilities in-house and focuses on ensuring the design is manufacturable and cost-effective.

ICONIC DEVICES' leadership team consists of distinguished and talented professionals to make the company's vision a reality. Founded in 2014, the company has an important history in the field of industrial IoT solutions. A pioneer in the field of connectivity, the company continues to offer innovative and reliable products to its customers around the world.

Company Headquarters : https://www.icd.lk/

For Stores and Products: https://norvi.lk/