Voltage Clipper with Zener Diode

Voltage Clipper with Zener Diode

Zener diodes are essential components for important functions such as voltage regulation and voltage clipping in electrical circuits. Voltage clipperr circuits are used to prevent exceeding a certain voltage or to maintain a certain voltage. Zener diodes experience a sudden voltage drop at a certain voltage value when operated in reverse, which prevents the circuit from exceeding a certain voltage.

A Zener diode voltage clipper circuit usually consists of a combination of a resistor and a Zener diode. In this circuit, the Zener diode is connected in reverse direction and fixed at a certain voltage level (called Zener voltage) across the circuit. The circuit limits any voltage that exceeds this voltage, thus keeping the output voltage within the desired values.

Zener diode voltage trimmer circuits, which are widely used especially in low power applications, are an ideal solution to provide a certain voltage in a stable and reliable manner. These circuits are frequently used in electronic devices, power supplies and telecommunications systems. Since its design and connections are quite simple, it can be easily made even by amateur electronics experts.

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