0.96 Inch OLED Display with NodeMCU ESP8266 Development Board

0.96 Inch OLED Display with NodeMCU ESP8266 Development Board

Revitalize Your Creativity and IoT Projects!

More and more people are getting excited about creating internet-connected devices. At this point, we offer you a very good solution: NodeMCU ESP8266 development board and 0.96 inch OLED screen together! This powerful duo has everything you need to bring your projects to life and display your data on a high-resolution OLED display.

Features:NodeMCU PinOuts

1. Having all the features of a traditional ESP8266 module, this board offers you wide freedom in your development projects.
2. Provides seamless integration with 0.96 inch OLED display and eliminates complicated wires and test boards.
3. The board uses SDA (D6/GPIO14) and SCL (D5/GPIO12) pins using I2C to connect the OLED display to the NodeMCU.
4. You can easily view different information and data thanks to the screen templates that come with the card.
5. High-resolution SSD-1306 x 64 OLED display, compatible with I2C and SPI interfaces, can be connected via type-c or micro USB interfaces. This gives you the freedom to choose an interface that suits the needs of your project.

Product introduction:

This circuit maintains all the functionality of traditional ESP8266 modules while having the same size and peripheral ports. It combines high performance development tools and high resolution data display. Moreover, you can easily handle various tasks and applications thanks to the power of the ESP8266 chip. This card offers low power consumption and high performance along with a full network protocol stack and security mechanism, making it ideal for beginners and professionals.


Working Voltage: 3.3V
Input Voltage: 7-12V
Digital I/O Pin (DIO): 16
Analog Input Pin (ADC): 1
Driver: CH340G
Flash Memory: 4 MB
Clock Speed: 80MHz
Microcontroller: Tensilica 32-bit RISC CPU Xtensa LX106
Module Size: 59mm x 31mm

This board is also a smartly installable small module, offering plug-and-play functionality with onboard USB-TTL based on the CH340.

0.96 Inch SD1306 OLED Screen Features:

OLED Self-Emitting (No Backlight)
Screen Material: Glass (Requiring Protection)
Size: 0.96 inch
Color: Yellow Blue
Voltage: 3.3V-5V DC
Perspective: >160°
High Resolution: 128x128
Driver IC: SSD1306
I2C Interface:
SCL: I2C Serial Clock
SDA: I2C Serial Data
Operating Temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C
Module Size: 25mm x 17mm

Be careful and avoid mistakes when wiring according to the diagram.
This document represents the understanding and parameters of the product at the time of editing and is subject to change without notice.
Be careful not to exceed the maximum withstand voltage of the module, otherwise the module may be damaged.

Bring your creative projects to life using the 0.96 inch OLED display with the NodeMCU ESP8266 Development Board. This powerful combination helps you easily develop your IoT projects and display your high-resolution data. Ideal for both beginners and professionals.