700C Super Fast Charging LFP Battery Announced

700C Super Fast Charging LFP Battery Announced

400 km Driving Range with a 4 Minute Charge

CATL has taken a major step forward by launching the world's first 700C super fast charging LFP battery. This new Shenxing battery stands out as it provides a driving range of 400 km with a 4-minute charge and can offer a range of over 10 km on a single full charge.

This development is predicted to greatly alleviate the fast charging concern of electric vehicle (EV) users and usher in the era of super fast charging for EVs.

This new battery is manufactured using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) material and is the world's first 4C super fast charge LFP battery. CATL has achieved this advance in battery technology by significantly increasing the driving range of electric vehicles (EVs), eliminating the worry of fast charging and providing a high level of safety. Shenxing stands out as a pioneer of innovation in the EV industry, thanks to its innovations in materials and electrochemistry.

Looking at the technical details of Shenxing, it is seen that it uses superelectronic mesh cathode technology, which allows faster removal of lithium ions and a faster response to charge signals. At the same time, innovative technologies have been developed to increase the transmission rate and reduce the motion resistance of lithium ions by utilizing graphite to improve the lithium-ion intercalation rate.

The performance of the Shenxing battery is also remarkable. The fact that it offers a range of over 700 km with its 4C super fast charging capability stands out as an important advantage for EV users. In addition, the ability to charge normally at low temperatures, cell temperature control technology and high safety levels increase the battery's ease of use and safety.

CATL plans to bring this new technology to market by the end of 2023, with a focus on mass production of the Shenxing battery. This move could make a significant contribution to broadening the electric vehicle market and accelerating the global e-mobility transition.