FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator: The Ideal Electronic Experiment and Debugging Tool

FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator: The Ideal Electronic Experiment and Debugging Tool

In today's world where the technology world is rapidly developing, FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator, which is a high-performance tool for electronic circuit experiments and debugging, offers a very good solution to its users. This compact and versatile device has all the features you need to make your electronics projects a success. It is both an economical and highly functional product for electronics laboratories.


Multiple Waveforms The FG-100 offers the ability to produce four different waveforms including sine, square, triangular and sawtooth. Thanks to these multiple waveforms, it is now much easier to test your electronic circuits and perform your experiments using various frequencies and waveforms.


Compact and Portable FG-100 is extremely easy to carry thanks to its compact design. Its small size makes it easy to use this device in any laboratory environment and minimizes transportation requirements. Carrying and sharing your electronic projects is no longer a problem.


High Frequency Sensitivity Thanks to DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology, the FG-100 is unrivaled in frequency stability and sensitivity. It can be used in applications such as oscilloscopes, frequency counters and oscilloscope sweep time calibration.

fg-100 dds

Various Applications The FG-100 provides excellent results for audio amplifier frequency characteristics, pulse response tests and other measurements. It is also designed to suit various applications such as oscilloscope attenuator and probe pulse adjustment.


Technicial Specifications
Main Output Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth
Maximum Output Amplitude: +/- 10Vpp (No Load)
Output Impedance: 50Ohm +/-10%
DC Bias: +/- 10V (No Load)
Display: LCD1602
Resolution: 1Hz
Power Supply: DC 3.5-10V
Output Frequency Range:
Sine Wave: 1Hz - 500KHz
Square Wave: 1Hz - 20kHz (Valid Range)
Triangle Wave: 1Hz - 20KHz (Valid Range)
Sawtooth Wave: 1Hz - 20kHz (Valid Range)

Conclusion The FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator has the potential to be a primary tool for electronic circuit experimentation and debugging. With its various waveforms, high frequency sensitivity and portable design, this device will help you successfully complete your electronic projects. FG-100 will be your trusted partner as you step into the world of electronics.