FNIRSI DPOX180H Handheld Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope

FNIRSI DPOX180H Handheld Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope

80MHz-3DB 2-Way Function Signal Generator Fluorescent Display ZOOM

The handheld FNIRSI DPOX180H dual-channel digital phosphor oscilloscope is an affordable instrument and also includes a signal generator. The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 500MSPS and an analog bandwidth of 180MHz. This two-channel device stands out with its many features.

In terms of viewing, it uses a high contrast 2.8 inch IPS full view LCD screen and digital fluorescent technology. This enhances the waveform display effect and provides color options. It can also refresh the waveform at up to 50000wfm/s, providing better visualization of low-probability anomalous signals.

The instrument's timebase system includes a ZOOM timebase that makes it easy to analyze digital protocol signals. Its vertical sensitivity can be as low as 5mV, making precise measurement of small signals possible. High signal-to-noise ratio, fully enclosed protection measures and stable circuit feedback design ensure clean and clear waveform.

The device has features such as automatic bandwidth limitation and trigger suppression settings. This is suitable for analyzing large noisy signals. In addition, you can generate 14 different waveforms of function signals with the DDS signal generator. Sine wave frequency can go up to 20MHz, while other waveforms can reach up to 10MHz.

The device also has the ability to save wave data and screenshots. It offers high voltage anti-burn protection and you can connect to computer with USB data export feature. With 5V2A fast charging, you can quickly charge the device.

Package Included,
Includes DPOX180H Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope, two 200MHz probes (1X and 10X), 5V2A power adapter, USB data cable and user manual.

This instrument is designed to meet a wide range of measurement and analysis needs.

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FNIRSI DPOX180H Handheld Phosphor Digital Oscilloscope 180MHz -3DB 50000wfms/s Dual Channel 20Mhz Signal Generator ZOOM XY FFT