Developing Educational Applications with Wireless Technology: Make It Easy with STM32

Developing Educational Applications with Wireless Technology: Make It Easy with STM32

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Wireless connectivity technology has enabled the development of new devices that transform our lifestyle and business world, while also improving existing applications. However, developing wireless applications can require a significant journey that includes training and learning. This requires dealing with the changing nature of wireless networks and devices, constantly evolving technologies, protocols and standards.

Working on wireless prototypes can require technical knowledge and training, and testing and debugging can be complex.

STM32 products and ecosystem and ST's expert support can guide you to simplify your wireless design journey and support your education process. This one-day workshop emphasizes training in wireless applications, showing with examples what types of applications can be developed.

In the workshop, you can learn the criteria you should consider when choosing a wireless MCU and understand how you can develop educational applications of STM32WBA. By following the Bluetooth® Low Energy development steps with the STM32WBA MCU, you can see what you can achieve in the field of education. ST experts will be with you to facilitate your RF application development and certification process and teach you how to use resources for training.

In this workshop you will:

Learn what criteria you should consider for educational applications when choosing a wireless MCU.

Understand the contributions of STM32WBA to your educational projects.

Follow the steps to develop Bluetooth® Low Energy training applications with the STM32WBA MCU.

Learn how ST experts can streamline your RF application development and certification process.

Know the resources you can use during and after the workshop to address design challenges you may encounter in education.

Participants will receive the STM32WBA development board, which they can use during the workshop and benefit from while continuing their training activities.

Who Should Participate? Anyone who wants to improve their educational practices, beginners and experienced experts, can attend this workshop.

Workshop Program Morning Session (8:30 – 12:00)

Choosing the right Bluetooth® Low Energy product for education:
Contributions of STM32WBA and target applications

STM32WBA hardware and software structure: Simplifying your education projects

Getting started building a P2P education application with STM32WBA MCU: Quick start

Hands-on Part 1: Using STM32CubeMX with STM32WBA MCU
Afternoon Session (13:00 – 16:30)

Hands-on Part 2: Adding a Bluetooth® Low Energy training profile (P2P server) with STM32CubeMX

Hardware design, testing and certification processes: How to use it in education

Transition to Production: Completion and Shutdown

Inspiring examples and resources for educational projects

Link : Workshop: Simplify your wireless design journey with ST, from MCU selection to RF certification - STMicroelectronics