DIY Experience: AT89C2051 LED Digital 4 Bit Electronic Clock DIY Kit

DIY Experience: AT89C2051 LED Digital 4 Bit Electronic Clock DIY Kit

If you are looking for a fun and educational electronic experience, we offer you the perfect opportunity! DC 3V-6V AT89C2051 LED Digital 4 Bit Electronic Clock Electronic Production Package DIY Kit is an ideal product for those who want to enter the world of electronics. This kit allows you to make your own digital clock.


AT89C2051 Based Electronic Watch: This kit allows you to build an AT89C2051 based electronic watch. This powerful chip ensures your watch is precise and accurate.

Supply Voltage: It can operate with a supply voltage from 3V to 6V, thus adapting to different power supplies.

Compact Design: PCB size is 52mm x 42mm, which makes your watch compact and stylish.

digital clock PCB


Seconds Correction: Seconds correction feature for precise time readings.

Independent Display Every Minute: You can easily follow the time thanks to the independent display interface every minute.

All Time Point: Shows all time points of your watch and offers a ringer turn off feature between 8-20 hours.

Two Alarm Settings: With two alarm settings, you can use it to wake you up in the morning.

Kit Features:
0.56 Inch Exclusive Red Digital Clock Display: For a charming look and clear time readings.

High Quality Materials: AT89C2051 chip is imported for the main chip, PCB is made of 1.2mm thick military grade FR-4 board.

Precise Timekeeping: Travel time error is only 1 to +1 second every 24 hours.