What is E-Commerce?

What is E-Commerce?

This is a multidimensional and broad subject. However, I would like to evaluate the issue of how one should approach e-commerce first.

There is nothing that cannot be sold on the Internet. This was true even when there was no Internet. It also applies now. You should remember this as a rule of thumb. However, it is useful to start with a limited product-service group.

As we understand from a Native American saying, you should have goals, but don't always look at the goal. After determining your target (sales-recognition, etc.)

One of the most asked questions on the Internet is: "What can I sell?" In fact, such a question is not asked. Behind this question is the secret: how do I get high income in the shortest time, no matter what? Trying to find the answer to this question is a waste of time. If you are already dealing with commerce in your daily life, you should step into e-commerce, ie e-commerce, for the product-service type of commerce in your field of activity.

If you do not have any commercial experience before stepping into e-commerce, go back to the top rule: There is nothing that cannot be sold on the Internet. If you do not have much experience in trading, it is useful to examine everything that is going on for a long time. Even buying books on e-commerce and reading with a calm mind is the healthiest way to develop a business idea. Do not be sad that you do not have commercial experience and think again about what skills you have. Identify a service-product group that is close to the knowledge base of your skills. For example, if you have musical skills and want to venture into e-commerce, you might consider selling musical instruments or music books. The product range can of course be expanded.

Initial approaches should be like this.

The "first" things you need to pay attention to after you set up your commercial site are also important. Approaches. Know that the customer does not come immediately. You have to make an effort. Do not try to get your product in the eyes of anyone. Now, the approach of e-commerce sites that have come a long way in their own way has already turned to not catching the product in the eyes of the customer. Before I read an article on Non-Marketing, I was saying that such a method is not pleasant and efficient because I am also a customer.

It is a more efficient approach to set up social spaces on the Internet and show your product ads “from the side”. Or, as a different method, it can be useful to be included in the sites where comments are made on the products, or if possible, to establish a site-social space in this way. Or, one or more non-commercial corners can be opened within your own e-commerce site. For example, if you have an e-commerce site where you sell herbal products, open a corner with news and notes on plants, health and cosmetics in a visible part of your site. Such an additional module will surely work.

Messaging with customers is very important. It's the most important thing if you ask me. Respond to any question (e-mail) of the customer as soon as possible and with courteous expressions. Personally, I did not hesitate to delete my membership from 5-6 sites that I have been shopping for for years because of the problems-indifference mentioned. Remember that a lost customer will lose at least one or two more customers. A customer you win brings in a lot of customers. Pay attention, I'm not saying it can bring, I'm saying it will.

The supply system is important. Before starting the e-commerce business, you need to plan very well how the products will act in the process from order to delivery.

It is also important to set up a payment system through several different channels. People used to be more cautious about credit card payment systems. It's a little less so these days. However, it is useful to create all the channels you can create.

One of the most important; The last thing I want to talk about is this: When starting an e-commerce business, start small, whether you have little or no capital, little or no commercial experience. I'm not saying start by thinking small, of course start by thinking big, but make your first step small.

What is E-Commerce?

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