HeiPoe MD-3028 Gold-Metal Detector
HeiPoe MD-3028 Gold-Metal Detector

HeiPoe MD-3028 Gold-Metal Detector

A New Adventure to Discover Precious Treasures

MD-3028 Gold-Metal Detector, designed with HeiPoe's advanced technology, takes you on a journey to the depths of history. Discover the secret of precious metals like gold, silver, bronze and many more with this device.

MD-3028 Features:

Advanced Technology, Exceptional Performance: HeiPoe MD-3028 offers you an extraordinary detecting experience thanks to its cutting-edge sensors.

With its sensitivity adjustable about 180mm, it detects precious metals with precision and notifies you immediately.

Various Working Modes: The MD-3028 is equipped with different working modes such as all metal, disc and point-to-point. You can easily set your target by selecting the appropriate settings for each condition.

User-Friendly LCD Screen: The LCD screen, where you can easily view the product's rich features and detection results, provides you with a comfortable use. Enjoy intuitive operation for an unforgettable experience.

lcd panel

Flexible and Long Battery Life: The MD-3028 works with 2 x 9V batteries and you can detect for long hours without interruption, depending on the battery type you choose. In this way, you will never have to leave your adventure halfway.

Adjustable Height: The height of the detector can be adjusted from 1080-1340 mm (42.52-52.76 inches). It offers a customizable and comfortable experience for each user's needs.

detector dimension

Durable and Lightweight Design: The combination of premium quality ABS plastic and aluminum material both increases durability and provides ease of transport. It is the ideal option to continue your adventure anywhere.

Reliability and Certified Performance: HeiPoe MD-3028 has CE certification.


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